Pastor of Discipleship and Administration

Spring Hill Baptist Church

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Position Purpose: As Business Administrator, oversee all operations and administrative duties of the church. As Adult Education Minister, is responsible to the Senior Pastor for assisting the Adult Education church program organizations, except the church music program in planning conducting and evaluating comprehensive educational programs.

Position Description: As Business Administrator, accurate financial records, supervision of staff and volunteers, and scheduling of church events will be accomplished. As Adult Education Minister, planning, conducting, and evaluating the Adult Education activities of the church will be accomplished. The Business Administrator/Adult Education Minister will maintain an office in the Church Office complex. Ministerial Assistance will be provided by the front desk administrative assistants.

Key Responsibilities:

Business Administrator
1. Assist the Senior Pastor with his responsibility in the administrative area by functioning as the chief administrative officer. Under the direction of the Senior Pastor, have full authority and responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the church.
2. Meet on a regular basis with the Senior Pastor to clarify vision, goals, and strategy.
3. Administer the work of non-ministerial staff members by encouraging teamwork and mutual support. Provide leadership and nurture to all staff members.
4. Facilitate the continuing education and training of the non-ministerial staff members by providing speakers, conferences, and books to expand their knowledge and vision for ministry, organization, and leadership.
5. Organize staff responsibilities: a.) developing written personnel policies and procedures, b.) developing job descriptions, c.) participating in hiring and/or dismissal of department staff members, d.) evaluating staffing structure and proposing adjustments, e.) conducting annual performance evaluations and reviewing the compensation of non-ministerial staff members, f.) working to resolve conflict, g.) sharing staff needs with appropriate staff or lay leadership.
6. Supervise and coordinate the work of non-ministerial staff members, as assigned. Meeting should be conducted regularly. Leadership should be provided in the areas of individual goal setting and accountability. New ideas, programs, and areas of ministry should be encouraged with both the staff and lay membership.
7. Plan, recommend and coordinate the use of building, space, and equipment to support the organizations, staff, and programs of the church.
8. Coordinate the financial resources and requests within the church staff. Work with the staff, program organizations, and committees in the development and administration of an annual church budget. Implement measurements to ensure each area operates with the budget guidelines.
9. Be responsible for maintaining an updated official church calendar. Maintain clear channels of communication with all staff personnel relative to the calendar.
10. Represent the church to the press and media as needed.
11. Represent the Pastor’s position, along with the Ministerial Staff, in the Deacon Meetings, Personnel Committee Meetings, Finance Committee Meetings, and Budget Planning Committee Meetings.
12. Oversee the SHBC Safety program.
13. Cooperate with the Pastor by performing other duties when asked to do so.

ADULT EDUCATION (Primary duties and Responsibilities)

1. Assess the educational and spiritual needs of adult members of SHBC. Design programs to meet those needs. Continually evaluate the effectiveness of those programs.
2. Plan and direct the activities of the Adult Sunday School Program.
3. Ensure that a suitable curriculum is available.
4. Volunteers should be recruited and trained to be teachers.
5. Plan, publicize, and oversee the implementation of special events.
6. Offer guidance as individuals express an interest in receiving Christ and being baptized.
7. Develop an annual budget for the adult ministry, monitor spending, observe church policies, and coordinate all activities with other church ministries.
8. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Senior Pastor.

1. Evident relationship and belief in God and church.
2. Must pass identity and criminal checks.
3. Possessing an M.Div. degree.
4. It is expected that the individual will unite with our CHURCH when responsibility is assumed and upon becoming a resident of our community.
5. Have a solid understanding of the Christian Faith and the Southern Baptist denomination.
6. Adhere to the teachings stated in point 5 in both their personal lives and their professional ministries.
7. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied by a positive attitude.
8. Ability to deal with and relate to people by earning their respect and trust.
9. Excellent organization and supervision skills.
10. Proficient with event coordination and planning.
11. Possess effective decision making and negotiation skills.
12. Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.
13. Availability to work extended hours and during weekends.
14. A passion for serving and working with and leading all kinds of people.

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