Pastor of Community Outreach and Recreational Ministry

Spring Hill Baptist Church


Staff Level: Ministry
Reports to: Senior Pastor
Ministry Purpose: To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building relationships by establishing ongoing fellowship among the Body of Christ and the community through athletics and recreational activities.
Position Description: The Minister of Recreation is responsible for planning, conducting and evaluation the recreational activities of the church. They may work other ministries on coordinated events
Key Responsibilities:
1. Events & Activities
a. Assist in planning and conducting special events, camps, and other activities to support the ministries of SHBC.
b. Provide fellowship and recreational opportunities for the church body
c. Develop programs to reach unchurched members of the community.
2. Spring Hill Activities Center (SHAC)
a. Manage all operations of the SHAC including
b. Scheduling facility usage
c. Coordinating events and programs in accordance with church policies and priorities
d. Supervising the care, repair and storage of equipment and supplies
e. Hiring, scheduling, and promoting fitness classes
f. Maintain a safe environment for members and guests.
3. Recreation Assistants and Volunteers
a. Work with the SHBC Personnel Committee to recruit, train, support and manage Recreation Associates, Fitness Instructors and Recreation Volunteers.
b. Train, support and manage Recreation Associates and Recreation Volunteers properly to operate the SHAC and conduct church activities.
The Minister of Recreation will perform such other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor or certain committee members.

1. Evident relationship and belief in God and church.
2. Must pass identity and criminal checks.
3. Possess at least a master’s degree in theology.
4. Have a solid understanding of the Christian Faith and the Southern Baptist denomination.
5. Adhere to the teachings stated in point 4 in both their personal lives and their professional ministries.
6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied by a positive attitude.
7. Ability to deal with and relate to people by earning their respect and trust.
8. Excellent organization and supervision skills.
9. Strong management and leadership skills in education and preaching religious messages.
10. Availability to work extended hours and during weekends.
11. A passion for serving and working with and leading all kinds of people.
12. The Minister of Recreation should be a member in good standing of Spring Hill Baptist Church.
13. Proficient in sharing Christian principles by word and action.
14. Experience with events coordination and planning.
15. Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.
16. Possess effective decision-making and negotiation skills.
17. Knowledge of emergency procedures, First Aid, and CPR.
18. Understanding of coaching theory and practice.
19. Energetic, flexible, and an analytical thinker.
20. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
21. A passion for serving and working with and leading all kinds of people.
22. Knowledge of the management and operation of recreational facilities and equipment.

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