Providence Baptist Church

The Pastor leads the church body in functioning as a New Testament Church. He provides spiritual instruction and strategic leadership to the members, staff, and ministries of the church. He leads the church through preaching and teaching God’s Word as directed by the Holy Spirit. The Pastor is not responsible for doing all the work of the church, but for equipping and ensuring that it is done and done properly.

The Pastor serves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Church Body. He Works with the deacons, officers, and church council to develop a strategy to fulfill the church’s mission and vision. He works with church leaders to develop annual church goals. and works with church leaders to develop an annual operational budget to support church strategy.

The Pastor is privy to the most sensitive situations of church members and others within the community who may seek counseling. It is essential that all items of a personal nature of which he becomes aware must remain a highly guarded confidence, which he must keep to himself, and himself only.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
The Pastor position is a Full-time Exempt Position

• Ordained and licensed within the Southern Baptist Convention.
• Devout, a dedicated man of faith with pastoral experience.
• Completed Biblical studies at an accredited institution of higher learning.
• Confidently preaches and teaches the Gospel.
• Exhibits leadership skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate others.
• Demonstrates a spirit of caring and empathy.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Set as a guideline of personal behavior the standard required in I Timothy 3:1-7 and I Peter 5:1-4.
• Proclaim the Gospel and lead the Church in effective programs to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose, and resolve.
• Serve as spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation.
• Plan and conduct worship services, developing sermons, planning with music leadership and lead in the observance of ordinances.
• Serve as chairman of the Church Council, or delegate and share the leadership with other staff members as he may, from time to time, designate.

• Visit and minister to members and prospective members in homes, nursing care facilities and hospitals.
• Conduct counseling sessions, performs wedding ceremonies and conducts funeral services.
• Work with Church staff, Deacons and other key leadership to carry out the mission and purpose of the church.
• Act as moderator in business conferences.
• Cooperate with associational, state and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern.
• Serve as overseer/administrator of paid church staff supervising and evaluating the tasks assigned to each.
• Advise committees and teams as an ex-officio member.
• Counsel with and assist in training Deacons for their responsibilities.
• Oversee, along with Deacons, all church discipline matters and the management of conflict issues in the church.
• Communicate with the congregation through articles or announcements using church printed materials, electronic media, and worship services.
• Give full support biblically to the budget of the church.
• Adhere to the Church Bylaws and Policies and Procedures adopted by the church.
• Maintain a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer.
• Maintain proper priorities at home with his wife and children.
• Expected to attend Pastor’s Conferences / Dale Baptist Association .
• Expected to promote and attend men’s conferences.
• Expected to encourage and participate in Revival Meetings both within Local Body and outside of Local community.
• Responsible to find a suitable replacement to preach from pulpit during period(s) of absence.

Work Environment:
Office space is provided; however, it is understood that much of the pastor’s functions will take him outside the church and into the community.

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