Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Job Description:
Mount Zion Baptist Church in Hartselle, Alabama, is prayerfully seeking a Bi-Vocational Southern Baptist Pastor who will be responsible for providing ministerial and spiritual leadership for the congregation and staff by:
• Must meet the biblical qualifications of a minister:
o I Timothy 3: 1-7
o Titus 1: 5-9
o I Peter 5: 1-4
• Must be able to accurately present the Word of God
o II Timothy 2: 15
• Proclaiming the Gospel and lead the church congregation in outreach to its community
• Planning and coordinating the worship services and filling the pulpit except for planned absences and in emergencies
• Ministering to the needs of the Church congregation and community members consistent with the Church’s mission and vision
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Plan, lead, coordinate and evaluate all congregational services
• Preach at all worship services that include a sermon or lesson. In case of planned or emergency absence, arrange for a qualified person to perform this function
• Conduct funeral services and wedding ceremonies as feasible, sharing and delegating to other pastors and staff members if needed
• Assist Deacons in the development of the strategy to refine and implement the Church’s vision
• Provide leadership all aspects of the Church ministry. This includes direction and supervision of Church ministerial staff (paid and unpaid) according to the Church organization and staff responsibilities as established by the Church Deacons
• Recommend and advise on the selection of all staff members. Recommend and advise in determining their respective duties
• Plan for and provide leadership in the observance of the Church ordinances
• Lead the process, seeking the input of the Deacons and staff to appoint committees and/or ministry teams as set forth in the Bylaws and other such special committees or task forces as the Church may request
• Counsel with Deacons and staff members to help ensure clarity of mission and responsibilities for each
• Serve as:
o Spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation
o Ex-officio member of all church committees
o Moderator of the Church to help mediate conflicts to maintain smooth operation and implementation of the Church mission and strategy.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Church Deacons
Skills & Experience:
• Required:
o Be sound in Southern Baptist doctrine and polity
o Ordained and licensed as a minister of the Gospel by a Southern Baptist Church
o Be a supporter of Southern Baptist life and programs
o Demonstrate a deep sense of God’s calling and commission to the Gospel Ministry
o Strong interpersonal skills
o Ability to think through critical issues and develop a plan of action (problem solving)
o Ability to assess priorities (time management)
o Demonstrated work ethic and excellence in previous work/volunteer environments
o Possess an effective preaching ability; oral, written, and digital contexts
o Be temperate, sensible, friendly, dignified, hospitable, gentle, honest, reliable and exemplary in conduct
o Have a solid reputation in the community
o Be financially responsible
o Demonstrated ability to mobilize members to achieve church strategies
• Desired:
o Practical experience and Seminary/Academic training
o Basic computer skills
o Related Certifications and Continuous Learning

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