Music Minister (Traditional Worship)

Calvary Baptist Church

Category: Part-Time (Ministerial)
Hours: 20
Reports to: Senior Pastor

Primary Objective:
To provide worship leadership for the Traditional Worship service. To work closely with Senior Pastor to provide leadership in the area of private and public worship and music.

o Lead traditional worship services with appropriate instruments and song selections.
o Lead in the preparation and execution of appropriate seasonal and special worship events.
o Develop a Worship Team that includes input and involvement of the laity.
o Work closely cooperatively with contemporary worship pastor on all one-service Sundays and other events involving the whole congregation.
o Develop a pipeline of worship/music leadership through recruitment, training, deployment and evaluation.
o Develop and maintain a ministry to all volunteers in the worship ministry and their families.
o Develop an annual worship/music budget that is guided by Calvary’s vision, mission, and values.
o Have a shepherd’s heart and minister to members of the traditional music ministry as needed, i.e., hospital calls or visitation, cards, etc.
o Work within the boundaries of the Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.
o Be a healthy member of the church staff – working well with others, striving for unity, and being a source of encouragement to co-workers.
o Recruit, educate, and inspire the laity to use their God-given gifts in various aspects of the music ministry.
o Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Senior Pastor and time permits.

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