Minister to Students

Glynwood Baptist Church

Glynwood Baptist Church is seeking a part-time Minister to Students to minister to our young people (grades 7-college). The church is seeking a man with maturity and passion to connect with our students and youth workers, leading them in biblical, practical teaching while providing leadership and direction to the overall ministry.

This is a part-time position (approximately 20 hours/week) and is designed to be a flexible complement to a candidate's other areas of work/school/ministry. It has the potential to grow into a full-time position as the student ministry grows.

Weekly salary will be based on 20 hours per week, not to exceed 25 hours a week. Overnight events will be compensated for up to 5 additional hours total. Any hours beyond that will be adjusted for by time off, to be taken in accordance with the Glynwood Baptist Church Personnel Policy Handbook.

Typical hours will be
• Sunday mornings 3
• Sunday evenings: 3
• Wednesday afternoon/evening: 5
• Weekly check-in with pastor for review, mentoring, encouragement, etc: 1
• Additional study time, staff meetings, weekend events, etc: 8-13 hours

An accounting of time each week will be submitted to Lead Pastor or Administrative Pastor each week.


Specific Student Ministry Responsibilities:

• Provide primary oversight and leadership for youth ministries
• Identify, recruit, train and mentor a student ministry leadership team
• Develop and maintain an inviting, fun and engaging atmosphere in the student ministry areas
• Develop and evaluate a communication plan to keep volunteers and parents informed of happenings in youth ministries
• Prepare, submit and effectively manage a student ministry calendar and budget
• Lead students in a meaningful time of worship, Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and fun so they experience the growth that comes through the work of the Holy Spirit.
• Partner with local schools to become an ally for meeting the needs of students, teachers, staff and administrators
• Provide leadership for college-aged students, both those that are in the area during the school year and those who go away to school.

Church Wide Responsibilities:
• Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, Church Leadership Council Meetings, and Quarterly Business Meetings
• Ensure that all volunteer teachers, ministry team leaders and helpers complete a background check and Ministry Safe training
• Conduct hospital, homebound, and outreach visitation as part of regular pastoral duties
• Serve with Lead Pastor as a member of preaching and teaching team, preaching throughout the year as needed.

Ministry Accountability:

The Minister to Students works as a member of the pastoral leadership team but is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Expected to be a member of Glynwood Baptist Church, and, if married, for spouse to be also.
• Must have an active and growing relationship with God that is revealed in character and daily life.
• Demonstrate a commitment to personal evangelism and disciple-making.
• Display a high degree of financial accountability in both personal and church matters.
• Meet and comply with all policies in the Glynwood Baptist Church Personnel Policies Handbook.
• Ability to clearly convey a vision and build effective ministry teams.
• Ability to utilize and promote events through social media, videos, and graphics.
• Ability to be a mentor, role model and encourager.
• Ability to work independently, operating with a high degree of professionalism, integrity, honesty and confidentiality.
• Ability and willingness to submit to authority.

Performance evaluations will be conducted in accordance with the Glynwood Baptist Church Personnel Policies Handbook, Section 5.2 Performance Evaluation.

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