Minister to Preschoolers and Parents

First Baptist Church Montgomery

Summary: The Minister to Preschoolers and Parents will be responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the spiritual needs of preschool children and their families. The Minster to Preschoolers and Parents must be highly relational. He/She will need to have a strong team mentality leading staff and volunteer teams to provide spiritual development of both children and parents through regular, ongoing programming, and special services/events. He/She is expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, dedication, cooperation, encouragement, prayer support as he/she serves Christ at FBC. This is a full-time position that is responsible to the Senior Pastor.
I. Congregational and Staff Relationship: A. Be a God-called person viewing their primary role as a minister of the gospel who consistently represents the love and light of Jesus Christ to everyone you encounter. B. Exhibit care and concern for all ministries and programs of First Baptist Church, Montgomery. C. Coordinate actions with other ministers and office staff as appropriate and as a cooperative and encouraging teammate.
II. Primary Responsibilities: A. Work with lay leadership in providing a spiritual foundation for preschoolers and building relationships with parents. Assist in training parents to be chief disciple makers of their home. B. Intentionally build relationships with preschoolers and their families and help foster their spiritual growth. C. Oversee childcare for all events held at church including regular services and programing as well as special events and classes. D. Work in cooperation with the appropriate persons, including the nominating committee, in selecting, enlisting, training, and counseling with workers in all preschool organizations throughout the year. Supervise the paid childcare program including its Childcare Coordinator and staff in providing educationally-based childcare services for the church. E. Study and make recommendations for needs in the preschool ministry such as literature, organization changes, space use changes, equipment and furnishings needs and the policies and procedures for operating a safe and secure environment for preschoolers. Serve as resource person for the Preschool Ministry by ongoing education and training personally and professionally. F. Develop and maintain a program and activities calendar for the Preschool Ministry while effectively communicating with parents and volunteers. G. Prepare a recommended annual budget plan for the Preschool Ministry. After approval, administer the expenditure and financial operations according to the church financial policies. H. Create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all guests, preschoolers, and their families.
I. Assist the Education Office in gathering and maintaining pertinent records for the division. J. Participate in the church visitation programs to prospective members, potential leaders, and hospital visits within the scope of preschool ministry (time of crisis, birth of child, etc.).
III.Other Responsibilities: A. Attend weekly church staff meetings (and other special staff meetings as needed). B. Work with the Preschool Leadership Council in planning, leading, organizing, coordinating, and evaluating the preschool ministry. C. Coordinate with the other church preschool ministries that do not fall under the Minister to Preschoolers and Parents (i.e. preschool music, Children’s Learning Center). D. Perform other duties when requested by the Pastor.

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