Minister to Experienced Adults

First Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL

Minister to Experienced Adults: First Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL, is seeking a full-time minister to senior adults. We call them experienced adults. This ministerial staff position is responsible for the spiritual development, visionary leadership and overall direction of an integrated senior adult ministry to adults, ages 60 and up. In a city that is often referred to as the “Rocket City,” we are a church dually-aligned with CBF & SBC…often referring to ourselves as centrist Baptists. Located in North Alabama, we are geographically situated in the heart of downtown Huntsville and have a heart for ministry to this city we call home. Ministry priorities, a full job description as well as more information about our church is available at

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Minister to Experienced Adults Priorities…

Pastoral Care
This is, by far, the highest priority. Pastoral care requires an intentional, compassionate,

well-planned ministry.

• Personal visits in homes, hospitals, senior care and nursing facilities

• Phone calls, notes, and other meaningful contact

• Involving all generations in ministry to our Experienced Adults

• Bereavement ministry, including ministry following a death; helping to plan funeral

services and participating as the family requests, often in partnership with other

ministers, including the Senior Pastor

• Counseling and conversations regarding matters of importance to Experienced


• Events that nurture the souls of Experienced Adults and provide information that

enriches their lives. Example would be seminars on grandparenting, understanding

generational differences, health care information, and so on.

2. Discipleship

Becoming shaped in the image of Jesus is a life-long journey. The heart of the discipleship

ministry at First Baptist is our Sunday Morning Bible Study (Sunday School). The

Minister to Experienced Adults should help provide a premier Sunday School. Other,

creative opportunities also should be explored, whether that be home groups or special

events that specifically encourage spiritual growth.

3. Mission

By “mission” we mean providing significant opportunities to join God in His world—

meeting needs and helping people know Jesus. If “mission” is a priority, then outings can

be more than recreation and fellowship, and lots of our Experienced Adults can find deep

joy in meaningful service.

4. Representation

The Minister to Experienced Adults at FBC should make sure our Experienced Adults

continue to be a priority in the church’s life. This means being their voice in calendaring

and planning meetings.

This also means representing the Experienced Adults of FBC in our community. We ask

that each minister be involved in some entity outside the “church world” in the Greater

Huntsville community.

5. Fellowship

The FBC Family is important to our Experienced Adults, and we want to facilitate deep

relationships that sustain us in the hard times and give us people with whom to celebrate in

the good times. Recreation is one of many means of providing opportunities for genuine


6. Involving Volunteers

FBC has lots of excellent and devoted volunteers in the Experienced Adult Ministry. The

recruitment, cultivation, and encouragement of those volunteers is a significant

responsibility of the Minister to Experienced Adults.

The Job Description …

The Minister to Experienced Adults is responsible for the total ministry development and coordination of Experienced Adults at First Baptist Church.  To accomplish this ministry, the Minister to Experienced Adults works in close cooperation with the Experienced Adult leadership and the church staff in developing an ongoing Experienced Adult Ministry. This is a full time salaried position. The Minister to Experienced Adults works under the supervision of the Executive Pastor.

Principal Responsibilities:

*Establish and coordinate Experienced Adult Ministry Teams for all Experienced Adult ministries.

*Develop appropriate ministries for Experienced Adults in keeping with Church and Experienced Adult goals.

*Encourage and insure the involvement of all Experienced Adults in programs of the church, both existing and new programs.

*Conduct and/or to enlist leaders for seminars, conferences, retreats, etc. for all Experienced Adult events.

*Work with existing organizations, including Hallelujah Choir, Fellowship Club, Travel Committee, Sunday Morning Bible Study, Discipleship, Missions, etc., to facilitate year round programs and calendars.

*Work with the Experienced Adult Leadership to develop an Experienced Adult annual Budget, according to established church financial policies, and to administer budget funds approved by the church.

*Work with the Senior Pastor and staff in the development of pastoral care and meeting other needs of Experienced Adults through hospitals, homebound ministries, etc..

*Perform other duties as assigned.

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