Minister of Students and Recreation

Heritage Baptist Church


Position: Minister of Students and Recreation Date: May 2023
FLSA Status: Exempt, Full Time Supervised by: Senior Pastor

The Minister of Students and Recreation serves under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and leads in planning, coordinating, directing, and evaluating the student ministry (6th grade through college) of the church. The minister is also responsible for staff supervision, recreational programming, facilities management, and missional focus of the Family Life Center ministries.

1. Demonstrate clear ministry call to students and families that informs every ministry decision and relationship.
2. Develop a vision and strategy for discipleship in student ministry that works in conjunction with the overall vision and ministry of Heritage Baptist Church.
3. Provide oversight and planning for all aspects of student ministry including but not limited to LifeGroups, DLife, Wednesday night ministry, summer camp, DNow, LifeStones, mission trips, Specialized classes, Outreach events, and Family events.
4. Enlist, train, equip, and encourage teachers and volunteers for student ministry.
5. Strengthen the whole-family discipleship ministry of Heritage Baptist Church, working with the Minister of Family Discipleship and Administration as well as the Minister of Preschool and Children to equip and empower parents/families to disciple their students.
6. Advise in the use of ministry curriculum, materials, equipment, supplies, and space for students in all church ministry organizations.
7. Stay current in adolescent and young adult developmental research as well as best practices in teaching students and young adults.
8. Promote a regular ministry of outreach to students and their families.
9. Utilize technology to communicate regularly with families and the community.
10. Understand and implement risk management strategies associated with both student and recreation ministry.
11. Coordinate with the church administrator, building superintendent, CDC director, and recreation staff in scheduling, using, and cleaning the Family Life Center.
12. Cooperate with the worship ministry to support the music activities for students.
13. Prepare and administer an annual budget for the needs of student ministry and recreation ministry.
14. Work with the recreation committee and the fitness staff to use the Family Life Center and recreation as a tool for total wellness for both church and community members.
15. Perform other duties as requested by the Senior Pastor.

The minister must have a degree from an accredited seminary (or be willing to pursue/complete one) and a divine call to reach and disciple students.

Beyond one’s educational experience, it is expected that this staff person has worked in a church setting in student ministry.

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The Heritage Baptist Church staff is a team of people committed to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. The church office is a team environment where each staff member seeks to work together to support one another and help the church achieve her best. The one who fills this position is a vital part of that team. The Minister of Students and Recreation can expect to spend time in the office planning and preparing for ministry and travelling to schools and homes building relationships with students. Some lifting is required to set-up rooms and recreation space for ministry opportunities. Travel can be expected in fulfilling ministry responsibilities. This position is exempt for FLSA purposes.

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