Minister of Students

Rainsville First Baptist Church

Principal Function: To serve as Associate Pastor and to lead the church to reach and disciple students (Grades 7 through 12 and College Students) involving all the ministries relating to students.

Supervision: Shall be responsible directly to the Pastor, or other Supervisor assigned by the Pastor, and indirectly to the Personnel Team.

Classification of Employment: Exempt according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Full-time Ministerial Employee


Associate Pastor:

1. Pastoral duties (funerals, hospitals, visitation, counseling, preaching, etc.) shall be
performed and shared with other staff members as assigned by the Pastor and in the absence of the Pastor.

2. Preaching responsibilities (in the absence of the Pastor) shall be assigned by the
Pastor in light of sharing the pulpit with other ministers in the church and outside pulpit guests.

3. Shall serve at the discretion of the pastor in leading the church in all phases of the
church’s life (outreach, discipleship, ministry, administration, etc.)

Student Pastor

1. Shall minister to students in grades 7-12 and college.
2. Shall oversee all students’ ministries (Sunday School, discipleship, missions, etc).
3. Shall develop and implement a student ministry council who will help coordinate, plan and carry out student ministries.
4. Shall provide opportunities for spiritual maturity through Bible studies, worship services, retreats and counseling to the students.
5. Shall provide at least one social activity for fellowship a quarter (during school months).
6. Shall be responsible for the recruitment, development and leadership of all adults who serve the students whether it be in Sunday school, discipleship, etc.
7. Shall seek to develop the students as leaders of their own ministry in worship, Bible studies, witnessing, serving, etc.
8. Shall seek opportunities to minister to the parents of students.
9. Shall seek to develop a mission heart among the students.
10. Shall develop a budget, calendar of activities, policies and any other needed administrative tools for student ministry.
11. Shall maintain an accurate inventory of equipment and supplies owned by the church and used in student ministries.
12. Shall maintain an awareness of current methods and materials necessary to support an effective student’s ministry. Attends at least one conference a year for training, awareness, and refreshment.
13. Shall keep office hours only according to availability and in agreement with the Pastor.
14. Shall partner with the College Sunday School leader(s) to provide ministry and outreach to college students.
15. Shall coordinate with other ministerial staff to assure all adults who serve with minors have proper background checks.
16. Shall have freedom to implement new ministries and directions under the supervision of the Pastor.

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