Minister of Music

First Baptist Church Dadeville

Minister of Music – First Baptist Church, Dadeville, AL

First Baptist Church Dadeville is seeking a full-time Minister of Music. This position has a competitive salary range which is commensurate to training, education, and experience. The position is designed to champion deeper connections to Christ among members and attendees through music, helping to fulfill the mission of FBC Dadeville.

Principal Responsibilities
● Plan and oversee an effective music program for children, youth, and adults, as well as congregational singing for all worship services in cooperation with the senior pastor through weekly meetings.
● Recruit, enlist, train, equip and oversee volunteers for music ministry.
● Supervise any employees within the church’s music department, such as accompanists, musicians, and audio/video engineers.
● Organize and direct musical ensembles as needed, including adult and children’s choirs, praise teams, instrumental ensembles, and handbell choirs.
● Evaluate all music used in worship services, including choir anthems, ensemble/soloist specials, and congregational singing, to ensure the selections are consistent with Biblical doctrine and are in line with goals of the church.
● Counsel families for weddings and funerals to be held in the church. Arrange and provide music when requested.
● Evaluate the current needs of the church and determine areas of growth for music education.
● Prepare an annual budget to be presented to the Senior Pastor for oversight and recommendations to appropriate budget committees.
● Provide pastoral care for bereaved or hospitalized members of the congregation.
● Supervise the purchase, inventory, and maintenance of the music library, musical instruments and equipment, and any other supplies for use in the Music Ministry.
● Supervise the Assistant to the Minister of Music in overseeing the A/V production of worship services, ministry gatherings, and other events, and provide guidance and/or seek consultation for technical-related concerns

General Expectations & Responsibilities
● Involvement at FBCD: He and his family are expected to be whole-heartedly involved in the life of the church and community.
● Mission Work: Expected to be involved in and supportive of the mission endeavors of the church.
● Church Policies: Responsible for understanding and adhering to all church policies and bylaws.
● Church-Staff Responsibilities: Expected to do the work of equipping the saints by coordinating with the Senior Pastor, and scheduling evening and weekend meetings and rehearsals wisely.
● Organizational Structure: Reports directly to the Senior Pastor. Will be responsible for managing employees in the music department and teams of volunteers to implement strategies and ministries. Sit as a member of the Leadership Committee. Sit as an ex officio member of the Technology and Tucker Endowment Music Committees.
● Personnel Manual: Employed under the current personnel manual.

Required Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Church Music or a related field and/or relevant experience as a participant or leader in worship, church music education, and/or church choir.

Preferred Qualifications
A graduate degree from an accredited institution or seminary in Church Music or a related field and successful work experience as a Music Minister in a church, including leading worship and directing a choir, praise team, and handbell choir.

Spiritual Requirements
● The Minister of Music is expected to be a mature Christian, able to articulate his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Minister of Music is expected to engage in the spiritual disciplines in order to grow in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrate a strong desire to lead others to Christ.
● The Minister of Music is expected to demonstrate Christ-centered living (1 Peter 1:15-16, 1 Timothy 3:1–7; Titus 1:5–9), honesty, confidence, teachability, humility (Philippians 2:5-7), patience, and commitment in working with others (James 1:4)
● The Minister of Music must demonstrate a strong calling to music ministry, to FBC Dadeville, and a passion for serving in full-time ministry.
● The Minister of Music must commit to the mission, vision, and values of FBC Dadeville and the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.

Church Description
First Baptist Church Dadeville is in Dadeville, Alabama, minutes from Lake Martin. Dadeville is centrally located just 40 minutes from Auburn University, an hour from Montgomery, 1.5 hours from Birmingham, and 2 hours from Atlanta. FBC Dadeville is a multi-generational, Southern Baptist Church offering a variety of ministries for the entire family, with an average Sunday attendance of 250 people. Our mission is to make Jesus known. Our vision for our members is to meet, grow, and serve together. For more, please visit

Application Instructions
– Interested applicants are encouraged to email the following documents to
o Cover Letter
o Resume
o List of 3 references, including 1 from someone outside the church setting
– Applications should be received by the closing date of Monday, May 31st, 2021
– All application information will be kept confidential by members of the Search Committee

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