Minister of Music and Worship

Wilsonville Baptist Church

Minister of Music/Worship
FULL TIME Job Description (Willing to consider Part Time Applicants)

I. Principle Function
The Minister of Music/Worship serves Wilsonville Baptist Church (WBC) by overseeing and coordinating the worship and production ministries to facilitate the three purposes (a. to win the world around us to the saving faith in the Gospel, b. to believe the Bible more through consistent study and mediation, and c. to care for our community members’ physical and spiritual needs).
The Minister of Music/Worship reports to the Senior Pastor. The Minister of Music/Worship is responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating all worship activities including music, drama, and technology for WBC. Vocal and instrumental talents are crucial to the role, however, building a strong team of volunteers is essential to being the Minister of Music/Worship at WBC. All phases of the job/responsibilities will be for the glory of God.
II. General Responsibilities
The music ministry of WBC will be under the direction of the Minister of Music/Worship. The duties and responsibilities are as follows:
• Direct the planning, coordination, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry in conjunction with the church calendar.
• Determine and implement the music ministry goals, organization, and leadership.
• Assist the Senior Pastor in planning congregational services of the church and be responsible for selection of music and leading congregational singing.
• Assist the Senior Pastor in planning for special occasions of the church such as Easter, Christmas, Vacation Bible School, God and Country, and other special events as determined by the Senior Pastor. This may include, but not be limited to, personal performances, recruiting special solo and/or team performances both vocal and instrumental, planning and/or leading special musical events, and recruiting volunteers to assist in special occasion activities.
• Recruit, provide training, leadership, and supervision to choir members, soloists, praise team members, musicians, and other special performers involved in worship music.
• Recruit, lead, and supervise volunteers in the operation and execution of all multi-media production. This may include, but not limited to, sound, video, lighting, recording, and social media delivery (online streaming).
• Plan and direct all weekly activities and rehearsals, as necessary.
• Ensure compliance with copyright laws as it relates to music ministries.
• Prepare reports as requested by the Senior Pastor to be presented to the church membership or related committee(s) where applicable regarding, needs, vision for the future, accomplishments, etc. of the music ministry.
• Supervise the maintenance of multi-media equipment, musical instruments, and music library, recommend purchases as necessary, and maintain inventory to include purchase dates and expenses.
• Work with the senior adults to develop and maintain senior adult music programs. This may include, but is not limited to, recruiting and training volunteers to assist in such programs.
• Assist Youth and Children’s Ministers in development and maintenance of a music program for each respective group as needed. This may include, but is not limited to, recruiting and training volunteers to assist in such programs.
• Plan, coordinate, and conduct music related outreach events.
• Provide music and/support for church funerals and weddings.
• Assist Senior Pastor as needed with home and hospital visitation.
• Perform these duties and others as assigned by the Senior Pastor to accomplish the goals of the music ministry.

III. Education & Experience

• Worship Leadership or equivalent experience required
• Degree in a Music or Church Leadership related field preferred

IV. Personal Knowledge, Skills, and Character
The following attributes are deemed as essential for the Minister of Music/Worship:
• Exhibits a heart for ministry of all ages.
• Exhibits music ministry as a “calling.”
• Exhibits philosophy in agreement with WBC ministerial staff and goals of the church.
• Practices faithfully the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, evangelism, fellowship, and service.
• Proficient in voice, and preferably in one or more instruments.
• Exhibits knowledge and skill of worship that includes traditional and contemporary genres.
• Exhibits ability to build and lead strong volunteer teams.
• Exhibits the ability to take a vision and create a practical music application.
• Exhibits excellent verbal and written skills.
• Exhibits self-motivation and capability of working without constant supervision.
• Exhibits the ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in high pressure situations.

V. Accountability
The Minister of Music/Worship reports directly to the Senior Pastor for day-to-day activities.
• The incumbent will work in coordination with the Senior Pastor and Ministry Team to establish a mutually agreed upon work schedule to meet the needs of church membership and staff.
• An annual evaluation will be conducted in accordance with the process set forth in the Employee Handbook.

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