Minister of Music and Media

North Glencoe Baptist Church

  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, a servant’s heart, and a vital growing personal relationship with Him.
  2. An understanding and commitment to the mission of the New Testament Church, the ministry philosophy of NGBC, and a respect for our Baptist heritage.
  3. A strong knowledge of Scripture.
  4. He and his family will be active members of NGBC in participation, attendance, tithing, and prayer.
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in a related field of music is preferred. Experience and/or education in media technology is also desirable.
  6. Experience in leading vocalists, ensembles, choirs, and instrumentalists, to include praise and worship teams.
  7. Ability to seek out relevant music and worship resources and apply them appropriately to the context of corporate worship.
  8. Acceptable personal vocal skills, excellent communicator possessing interpersonal skills, strong grammatical skills and eye for detail, and an
    enthusiastic presence for leading worship.
  9. Experience as a leader and recruiter of volunteers in all areas of music and media technology ministry.
  10. Ability to incorporate and troubleshoot various technologies in worship, to include sound, lighting, computer hardware, computer software, and video projection.
  11. Fluent in using modern media, to include social networking, podcasting, online web content management and design, graphic creation, video & audio editing, computer maintenance, mobile apps, web apps, and troubleshooting.
  12. Ability to seek out relevant technology resources, develop new skills, and make connections between social media and the Christian ministry.

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