Minister of Music and Families

Pepperell Baptist Church

The Minister of Music & Families shall have specific duties relating to the Music Ministries of the church and coordinate family ministries.

1.     A character consistent with the qualifications of an elder as described in Titus 1:5-9
2.     The ability to read sheet music, organize choirs & lead music.
3.     He should possess no questionable habits that would tend to lessen his influence.
4.     A member of Pepperell Baptist Church who supports the total work of the church ministries, such as Sunday School, discipleship, fellowship, outreach, special events, and ministry.
5.     A heart that is passionate for family ministry.

1.     Directing the planning, coordination, and operation of the church music ministry for worship services by working with the pastor on a weekly basis to provide the order of worship to the secretary by the agreed-upon deadline.
2.     Direct the adult choir and hold rehearsals on Wednesday nights (or other times chosen by the church).
3.     Supervising the maintenance of and additions to the music library, providing music materials, supplies, and equipment as provided for in the church budget.
4.     Promoting involvement in the music ministry and ensuring major events are publicized through media sources.
5.     Plan music calendar and music budget.
6.     Should be aware of weddings and funerals to be held in the church.  Inform the Sound Technician if sound equipment is needed at such functions.
7.     Maintain the church’s CCLI account.

He shall be supervised by and responsible to the Pastor (or personnel committee in the absence of a Pastor).

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