Minister of Discipleship

First Baptist Dothan

Job Description
First Baptist Dothan

Primary Function:
To develop and administer a vibrant, comprehensive discipleship strategy for the church in which God’s Word is the centerpiece and ensure that current and future church members are connected and assimilated into the body. This includes adhering to the church’s four prong mission of 1) Believe the Gospel; 2) Seek God; 3) Belong to Family; and 4) Impact Your World.

The Minister of Discipleship will report directly to the Senior Pastor.


1. Develop lead, and train our church in a gospel-centered discipleship strategy from birth-death that is consistent with the values and mission of our church which includes but is not limited to:
a. Oversee and help develop effective leadership of our community groups.
b. Ensure that effective records are kept, prospects are contacted, and information on community groups is accurate in our Church Management System
c. Recruit and train leaders for community groups
d. Ensure sound doctrine is maintained in all teaching environments in the church
2. Develop and lead our church in a strategy to help guests feel welcomed, take next steps, connect with a community group, and engage in service.
a. Oversee, train, and recruit the welcome team in guest/prospect/new member follow-up
i. Assist Senior Pastor in leading Connect Class
ii. Recruit team to assist in hosting welcome lunch for new members
3. Oversee the ministry and serve teams of the church. Determine the ministry needs of our church, help members identify their gifting, and develop systems to help people serve.
a. Men’s and Women’s Ministries
i. Connect and coordinate with the Men’s and Women’s ministry directors and leadership teams as they plan events, budget, and disciple the men and women of FBC.
b. Serve Teams
i. Assist the deacon ministry by recruiting volunteers and providing leadership to all our service teams.
4. Ensure that every member is well trained to serve the church, share the gospel, and disciple others.
a. Regularly assess the current needs of the body and provide training accordingly.
b. Coordinate the staffing, effectiveness, and the work of church committees.
c. Provide oversight and encouragement to the organic forms of discipleship that are happening in the church (one on one, married couples, etc.)
5. Assist the Senior Pastor and staff in strategic planning, communication, and coordination of church-wide events
6. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor

Education and Experience:
1. A Bachelor’s degree
2. Prior church work history and preferably a seminary degree from an accredited seminary.

Qualifications and Competencies:
1. A life that demonstrates faith and obedience to Christ, along with a spiritual gifting and desire to serve the body of Christ.
2. A willingness and enjoyment in planning and praying with the senior pastor and staff about how to best equip the congregation for spiritual growth.
3. A genuine zeal to understand and connect with people
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
5. Highly developed personal and relational skills. Able to recruit, guide, and direct volunteers.
6. Dependable, responsible, self-motivated, and creative.
7. Able to affirm and be loyal to the mission of FBCD and the Baptist Faith and Message.
8. Willingly support the church through tithing and missions giving as an example to others.
9. Ordained as a minister (or on a path to ordination).

1. Salary and other benefits will be determined by the Personnel Committee with input from the Senior Pastor
2. Vacation, insurance coverage, and other benefits are indicated in the written policy that will be reviewed and updated periodically by the Personnel Committee

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