Kids Minister

North River Church

North River Church was planted in Tuscaloosa in 2005. We’re 16yrs old – and sometimes we act like it! We have a lot of energy and potential. We’re constantly learning how to do things in new and better ways.
As a church, our battle cry is to: Live Sent!
For us, living sent means remembering and pointing to Jesus in everything we say, think, and do.
We want to make much of Jesus and we want to make Him known where we live, work, play, and beyond.

As a staff/team, we hold to the following distinctives:
We love first and lead second, but we always do both.
We play different roles, but have shared goals.
We help our people discover, develop, and demonstrate God’s calling on their life.
We identify and strive to always do our best.
We look for solutions for every challenge.
We commit that our private walk will match our public talk.
We use timely methods to communicate God’s timeless message.
We love what we do, where we do it, and who we do it with.

Our kids ministry is growing, diverse, and full of energy!
A narrow majority of our kids are connected to families active in our church.
The rest of our kids come on their own from a local neighborhood, primarily on Wednesday nights.
This is a tremendous outreach and growth opportunity for our church. Our next Kids minister will play a key role in building new relationships with these kids and their families.

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