Family Pastor

New Covenant Baptist Church of Albertville

General Job Description:

The Family Pastor is called, first and foremost, to shepherd the flock of New Covenant Baptist Church. As a shepherd, he will be invited to serve as a fellow elder, with all the responsibilities that such an office entails. His concern will be for the overall well-being of his brothers and sisters in the congregation, from cradle to grave. Since such a task is too great for any one person to bear, the specifics of his day to day responsibilities will be clearly defined that he may be free to serve as best as he is able. The elders will help him bear the load of his duties through encouragement, oversight, and planning.

Foundation for the Ministry:

The goal of this ministry will be to lead the church to greater Christ-likeness through the teaching, and exposition of Scripture. All ministry will keep this goal in mind. The Family Pastor is expected to be a role model, not only for the students, but for the entire community of what Christ-likeness should look like.

Teaching Responsibilities:

The primary burden of teaching for the family pastor will be focused upon the student ministry. 80% of his teaching and personal discipleship efforts will be directed towards those students from 7th to 12th grade.

The family pastor will be expected to spend time individually with each member of the student group. This interest in their spiritual well-being will mean things like:

  • Time spent at ball fields
  • Time spent at band concerts
  • Time spent in conversations over meals.

Time spent at such events will be counted as time at work. Because this kind of service necessitates time outside the office, office hours will be flexible to encourage getting out of the office and spending time with students. It will be necessary for the Family Pastor to document his time to the Lead Pastor and fellow elders for accountability purposes and to make certain he is keeping a healthy life balance. To ensure that such a healthy balance is kept, the family pastor will be compensated with time off when his duties require him to be away for lengthy periods, and with the option to work from home up to twice a week.

The family pastor will also be responsible for the weekly planning and conducting of student services, events, and programs.

In addition to these duties, the Family Pastor will also be responsible for teaching a community group on Sunday night for the church.

Preaching Responsibilities:

The family pastor will be expected to preach to the congregation at least once per month. The Senior Pastor is also a chaplain in the Army National Guard, so the preaching responsibilities will fall to the Family Pastor when the Senior Pastor is away on duty.

Administrative Responsibilities:

While the majority of the Family Pastor’s teaching time and personal discipleship will be concentrate on students, he will be required to provide direction, administration, and leadership for the children’s ministries.

This includes:

  • Meeting with and encouraging children’s leaders
  • Directing the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers needed to make these ministries great
  • Finding and implementing the curriculum
  • Making certain that teaching and nursery rotations are organized and clear.

As a fellow elder, the Family Pastor will also work together with his fellow elders to administrate the day to day operations of the church.

Special Note:

The Family Pastor will be a role model and Pastor to the entire church, including female students. He will take as much a vested interest into their discipleship as any other member of the church. The Family Pastor will practice wisdom in this area of ministry, recruiting help from wise female members to help him in this duty.

If there is any allegation of inappropriate sexual advance or behavior towards any student, the allegations will be immediately reported to the authorities. If the Family Pastor becomes aware of any sexual abuse or harassment of any student, such instances will be immediately reported to the authorities.

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