Eastside Baptist Church Daycare Director

Eastside Baptist Church


Eastside Baptist Church is looking for a Daycare Director who will provide strong Christian
Leadership and love for our children, ages Bed babies to 4 years old.
The Director must possess knowledge or be willing to learn the current laws pertaining to childcare, the ability to communicate with staff goals, directives, parental concerns, and job expectations.
The Director must be able to communicate with parents or adult responsible for a child or children the Daycare’s expectations of them and their children.
The Director must be able to mediate and resolve problems short term &/or long term with staff, parents or responsible adult, and children as well as any regulatory bodies responsible for the governance of the daycare.
The Director must have a working knowledge of bookkeeping and the ability to learn the bookkeeping software used by the daycare for AR and AP.
The Director is responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of all programs, currently the A-Beka program, childcare, staffing, and daily maintenance for the Daycare accepting input from the staff, the W.E.E. Committee which acts as a liaison between the Daycare and Eastside Baptist Church and oversight from the Senior Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church to ensure a Christ centered program.

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