Communications Director

Whitesburg Baptist Church

General Description: 

Under the supervision of the Senior Associate Pastor, the Communications Director is responsible for the leadership of the communications ministry of Whitesburg Baptist Church.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Oversee all communication for WBC and review for consistency in branding, language and message.
  2. Develop communications strategies that effectively reach internal (church) and external (outreach)audiences.
  3. Remain current regarding trends, methods, applications and technology usage (i.e., websites, app, communication tools, etc.).
  4. Enlist, train, and lead a team of staff and volunteers to effectively implement the communications strategy.
  5. Collaborate with all WBC pastors/staff/directors, creating effective communication strategies that will enable each ministry area to accomplish their targeted goals and objectives.
  6. Develop guidelines and processes regarding:
    1.  Access to print requests, social media and web updates.
    2.  Branding, colors, fonts, and terminology
    3. Use of communications equipment (cameras, banner stands, etc.)
  7. Attend weekly staff meetings and communicate with the Communications Team pertinent items discussed.
  8. Prepare annual budget for the Communications Ministry.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Five to 7 years leadership experience and proven ability to effectively implement a communications strategy.
  2. Strategic planning and ability to manage multiple projects.
  3. Comprehensive knowledge of communications and marketing processes.
  4. Proficient in communications technology such as Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Presenter, as well as web, social media and print applications.

Knowledge and Qualifications

  1. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.
    1. Depend fully on His wisdom, guidance and strength for daily life.
    2. Realize that director’s performance, dedication and attitude are under the scrutiny of both mature and weak Christians, as well as unbelievers.  Director must ensure that personal actions reflect honorably on Christ and the Church.
  2. Must be called by the Holy Spirit to serve as Communications Director, trained to serve in the capacity to which you are called.
  3. Must have good interpersonal skills in order to work with diverse groups of people.
  4. Must be a self-starter and able to perform responsibilities without close supervision.
  5. Must have an understanding of potential media impact on church growth.
  6. Must be able to submit to spiritual authority.
  7. Must be capable of administering Church policies and procedures.
  8. In full agreement with WBC statement of faith and belief, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (


The position description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job.  It is intended to be an accurate reflection of those principal job elements essential to the job.

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