College Pastor

First Baptist Church Opelika

FBCO College Pastor
Purpose: To oversee, care for, and facilitate all aspects of the college ministry.

The successful candidate should meet the following requirements:
1.     Attained a Master’s degree or equivalent life/ministerial experiences in Bible and/or Theology, be knowledgeable and competent in understanding the Christian worldview, and be an ordained Pastor.
2.     Able to demonstrate the priority of and practices for personal growth-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally.
3.     Lead, support, and be a member of the established college ministry team (and FBCO).
4.     Develop and support a student leadership team.
5.     Be able to model and demonstrate unconditional love in practical ways to the diversity of students who attend the church.
6.     Be willing and able to counsel young people who struggle with a variety of serious issues including identity issues, gender identification, substance abuse, mental illness, sex, broken families, hurting souls, or alternative lifestyles.
7.     Be involved in the process of mentoring and discipling students who don’t fit into other campus ministries, to support them in unique ways, and encourage them in their faith.
8.     Be willing to enter into the unique living environment and culture of students.
9.     Invite and encourage students to enter into the FBCO church life and to become active participants at FBCO.
10. Be able to clearly communicate and teach the Bible on Wednesday evenings (8th Street) all while representing Christ with intellectual and moral integrity.
11. Be willing to work with and partner with all of the ministries at FBCO.

In addition to the duties implied by the requirements presented above, the duties of the FBCO College Pastor also will include the following, at a minimum:
1.    Be responsible for teaching Bible studies to college groups when needed.
2.    Facilitate community-building activities for college age students.
3.    Provide Bible study opportunities for college students.
4.    Participate with the other pastors of FBCO performing pastoral duties such as preaching, hospital visits, performing weddings and funerals, etc.
5.    Participate and contribute, as a member of the Executive Leadership Team (Pastoral staff, deacons, administration), in the shaping and direction of the overall FBCO congregational life.

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