Children’s Ministry Director

First Baptist Church Headland


Job Title: Children’s Ministry Director

Job Classification: Full time, Non-Ministerial

Reports To: Reports to Pastor of Students

Children’s Ministry Director Principal Function:

To be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating for the church a comprehensive ministry for children ages

birth through fifth grade (preschoolers and children).

Preschool and Children’s Ministry Specific Duties:

1. To take responsibility for managing the Extended Session Schedule.

2. To take responsibility for managing the Children’s Church Schedule.

• Managing the Extended Session and Children’s Church schedules shall involve a system of recruiting workers,

devising rotating schedules, publishing and delivering schedules to workers and confirming on a weekly basis

that workers will be present.

3. To be physically present when appropriate in the Preschool and Children’s Ministry areas on Sunday morning,

Sunday evening, and Wednesday nights and at other times when ministry to these age groups is taking place;

providing assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting any problems that might arise.

4. To take care to delegate physical presence responsibilities, when possible, to appropriate volunteers, committee

members, and other staff to allow for your personal attendance in worship, Sunday School and other opportunities

for your personal spiritual nurture.

Preschool and Children’s Ministry General Duties:

1. To plan, organize, and evaluate ministries for preschoolers and children using various committees, councils, church

members, paid nursery workers and parents in the process.

2. To direct the education ministries for preschoolers and children, including working with all organizations and

committees relating to the specific age groups. Educational ministry responsibilities to include but not be limited to

Sunday School, Intentional Discipleship and Mission Education ministries for preschoolers and children.

3. To plan, implement, and evaluate the church’s annual Vacation Bible School Program in conjunction with the

Children’s Committee.

4. To plan, implement, and evaluate special events for preschoolers and children – such as, but not limited to, seasonal

events, age-appropriate trips, and ministry opportunities.

5. To be responsible for organizing and providing nursery care and children’s activities for special church wide events

where such services are needed.

6. To work directly with the Preschool and Children’s Committees.

7. To work with the Nominating Committee and Committee on Committees as related to the Preschool and Children’s

ministry workers and committee members.

8. To foster/cultivate a good working relationship with CDC personnel and church volunteers and fellow church staff

regarding shared use of facilities.

9. To work with Safety and Security and Campus Patrol Committees on safety and security issues.

10. To display fiscal responsibility toward the church budget in working with the assigned committees within the confines

of their appropriated funds.

11. To be responsible for the ministries indicated on the Church Organizational Chart.

12. To be the staff liaison for committees indicated on the Church Organizational Chart.

13. To take on new responsibilities or relinquish old responsibilities as defined in any revisions of the Church

Organizational Chart.

14. To maintain and display high standard of Christian morals, ethics and a Christ like attitude toward all individuals.

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