Children’s Minister

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

1. Plan and direct total Christian education program for preschool (birth through kindergarten) and children (first through sixth grades). Train and motivate workers.
2. Work with Nominating Committee to enlist division directors, department directors, and teachers for preschoolers and children in Sunday School and discipleship ministries.
3. Plan, prepare and coordinate VBS with the VBS Director. If no VBS Director is named, you will serve as VBS Director.
4. Plan and coordinate the Kids Worship on Sunday Mornings (Kids In Him).
5. Work in partnership with the total ministry of the church in carrying out other duties, including outreach and hospital visitation when necessary (hospital visitations to children in the Children’s Ministry).
6. Perform ministerial functions as may be assigned.
7. Participate faithfully in the regular outreach ministry of the church.
8. Model Christian behavior through tithing.
9. Support thoroughly the programs and ministries of the entire church family, seeking to bring unity and harmony to the body of Christ.

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