Children’s Director

Seventh Street Baptist Church

Part-Time Salary – $10,400 a year

Coordinate vision and implementation of Seventh Street’s ministry to children.
• To lead the children’s ministries by coordinating and implementing the various ministries/activities needed for spiritual growth in the life of our children.
• To work alongside the VBS director in helping plan the activities associated with VBS.
• To oversee and delegate the ministerial activities associated with children’s ministry such as children’s church, and Wednesday night/Sunday night children’s programs.
• To organize regular fellowship activities for the children of the church.
• To work with the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Sunday School Director and children’s Sunday School teachers to maintain and improve the Sunday school curriculum.
• Invest in the lives of the children of Seventh Street Baptist Church and the community through support of school, extra-curricular, and other community events.
• To prayerfully recruit, train, and encourage volunteers from the church for service in the Children’s ministries of Seventh Street.
• To work toward making the children’s ministries of Seventh Street a safe and family friendly environment.
• To communicate on a regular basis with the chairs of the children’s committees.
• To demonstrate the ability to delegate responsibilities and work well with volunteers.
• Work with the pastor and staff to lead the ministries of Seventh Street Baptist Church.
• To demonstrate a cooperative spirit when working with the Seventh Street music ministry in relation to any children’s musical needs.
• Discern and implement new ways to effectively minister to children.
• Plan events designed to provide spiritual growth within the hearts and lives of children.
• Work alongside children’s committees to structure annual ministry budget proposals, and administer that budget as approved by the church Stewardship Committee.
• Regularly attend Church Council meetings to give monthly reports and represent the children’s ministries of Seventh Street.
• Evaluate the children’s programs annually with the children’s committees and pastor.
• Recommend changes to the children’s ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, materials, programs, curriculum, and education methods after communicating with appropriate committees and pastor.
• Be responsible for resources, tools, equipment and properties entrusted unto him/her for the use within the children’s ministries.

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