Children’s Director

First Baptist Tillman's Corner

Principle Function: He or she will plan, coordinate, direct and evaluate the children’s educational ministry of the Church for 1st – 6th Grades. This is a part-time position (20 hours per week).

Requirements of All Leaders
1. Will be a born-again believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2. Maintain an attitude of respect and professionalism toward other staff members and seek to maintain an atmosphere of teamwork.
3. Keep all matters of church business in strictest confidence.
4. Expected to participate in the church’s stewardship program, worship experiences, training and educational activities, and witnessing efforts.
5. When dealing with church members, and the general public, each employee must have a positive attitude toward the church and its employees.
6. Honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that is said and done.
7. Keep self, in so far as possible, spiritually, mentally, and physically strong.
8. Pursue personal holiness through private Bible study and prayer.
9. A satisfactory criminal, sexual, credit, and traffic history.

Requirements Specific to this Position (Essential Duties and Responsibilities):
1. Coordinate all aspects of the Children’s Ministry (Sunday School, AWANAs, Bible Drill, VBS, etc.).
2. Create a safe environment for children by making sure volunteers have been appropriately vetted and background checked and are adhering to safety rules.
3. Create and establish a leadership pipeline which includes the recruitment, training and scheduling of all department directors, teachers, and workers in the children’s department.
4. Give guidance and coordination through enlistment, education, and motivation of the key leadership of children’s work.
5. Advise in the use of ministry materials, equipment, supplies, and space for children’s groups in all church ministry organizations.
6. Make sure lead volunteers (and backups) are in place for every church event.
7. Promote a regular ministry of outreach for the children’s division in cooperation with the Church’s plan of outreach.
8. Provide opportunities to equip parents for the role of spiritual leader in their children’s lives.
9. Prepare an annual budget for needs of the children’s department for recommendation to the Finance Committee.
10. Administer the approved annual budget according to policy.
11. Keep informed on the latest materials and methods related to children’s work.
12. Perform other duties as requested by the Senior Pastor and/or Church Administrator.

Education Experience:
1. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
2. Significant experience with children and adult leaders.

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