Childcare Director


Job Description for Director of Weekday Early Education Ministry, (WEE Care)
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama
Job Title: WEE Care Director
Reports to: Pastor
Scope: Responsible for leading our WEE Care Ministry program currently consisting of a full day
program with a total of 7 classes, 60 preschool children ages six weeks through PreK, and a staff
of 27. Our before and after school-age program currently consist of 2 staff and 25 children.
Qualifications: The WEE Care Director should possess the following attributes:
*A commitment to Christian Weekday Education.
*Active involvement in a local Christian church, preferably Southern Baptist.
*Graduate of an accredited college or university with a major in early childhood
education, child development, or other closely related field.
*Strong leadership skills with the ability to articulate vision and mission of the program
to current and prospective families, staff and the community.
*Excellent written and oral communication skills.
*Experience in early childhood education in a preschool setting.
*Financial knowledge and capability to aggressively manage budget while balancing
the needs of the program and center.
*Technical skills including MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point), Adobe, and
online document management and file sharing environments.
Advisory and Consultation Relationships: Pastor, Kids and Families Ministry Director, and
WEE Care Committee *
Collaborative Relationships: Ministers and Support Staff of the Church including Properties
and Custodial staff
1. Plan a program of developmentally appropriate curriculum and care model fostering an
environment for children to reach their full potential. (Luke 2:52)
2. Recruit, hire, orient, observe, supervise, and evaluate the teaching staff and administrative
staff of WEE Care. These responsibilities include:
*Maintaining a high level of professionalism and ensure that the staff complies with the
standards as described in job descriptions and expectations. This includes
handling matters involving children, parents, and staff confidentially.
*Monitoring all communication to parents as appropriate and in keeping
with the principles of the WEE Care prior to distribution.

3. Ensure that WEE Care seeks excellence regarding the health, safety and guidelines set forth
in the Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers and Nighttime Centers, Regulations and
Procedures, through the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources. (Referred to as
Minimum Standards throughout the rest of this document.)
*Reviewing lesson plans monthly/weekly to ensure adherence to state regulations.
*Overseeing the orientation and training of staff in accordance with the Minimum
*Notifying personnel of continuing training opportunities and maintaining attendance
records of personnel attending the training.
*Monitoring classroom sanitation procedures as well as daily cleaning procedures
that meet and exceed Minimum Standard regulations ensuring the center is kept
clean, attractive, and safe.
*Coordinating safety drills.
*Creating, updating, and implementing an approved emergency preparedness plan.
*Preparing documents for renewal of license, fire inspection and health inspection
to maintain the license exempt status of WEE Care.
*Maintaining records on the ministry's operations, staff and enrolled children as
required for accreditation.
*Overseeing playground safety, upkeep and maintenance.
*Resolve self-identified issues and/or violations within reasonable or mandated
4. Operate WEE Care in a fiscally responsible manner. This includes the following:
*implementing strategies to achieve maximum enrollment.
*Preparing monitoring the Annual Budget of WEE Care.
*Developing long-range financial forecasts.
*Supervising the maintenance of payroll records.
*Supervising efficient purchasing practices.
*Approving all expenditures prior to disbursement.
*Administrating the financial affairs of the WEE Care Ministry by preparing financial
statements to be audited monthly by an accounting firm and
available at the request of the Stewardship Committee.
5. Prepare, revise and maintain up to-date records of all policies and handbooks pertaining
to the WEE Care Ministry.
6. Maintain the State License Exemption.
7. Compose weekly communications to parents, and staff as needed.

1. Ensure that an age and developmentally appropriate curriculum of instruction, training
and Christian education is provided in the WEE Care Ministry.
2. Ensure that the WEE Care Staff receives training which enhances their skills and improves
their performance. Develop training goals for the staff and monitor their progress.
3. ProvideresourcestotheparentsoftheWEECareMinistrythataddresstheirchildren's
developmental needs and their concerns about parenting.
4. Coordinate a weekly chapel service for two years old through PreK
5. Conduct orientation sessions for parents and staff.
6. Work with the WEE Care Committee to develop programs, events, and presentations.
7. Actively promote opportunities to participate in events and ministries of First Baptist
Church of Jacksonville.
8. Keep informed about issues affecting preschoolers, their parents, and the operation of
the WEE Care Ministry through research and reading, and attending seminars,
conventions and professional associations

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