Associational Missionary – Washington Baptist Associaiton , Washington County, Al

Washington Baptist Association


Ministry Guide: Associational Missionary (AM)
Location: Washington County Baptist Association
Reports to: The Associational Executive Board

SUMMARY The Associational Missionary
* Provides leadership in the development and implementation of a mission strategy for
Washington County Baptist Association.
* Coordinates the work, ministries, and personnel of the association.
* Supports the association and its churches, as they implement and continually discover the
primacy of evangelism.
* Coordinates and assists the Association in spreading the gospel through the healthy growth of reproducing churches and ministries.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. (Other duties may be assigned).

Strategy Development
* Guide the association in fulfilling their vision statement in the key role as Mission Strategist.
Develop and implement a comprehensive and contextualized mission strategy, with an included emphasis addressing church health, fellowship and multiplication.
* Work with the local churches to develop an Acts 1:8 mindset and approach, to encourage, equip, and strengthen local churches.

Associational Development
1. A priority of promoting fellowship among the churches for the purposes of:
a. Worship e. Fellowship
b. Prayer f. Ministry
c. Evangelism g. Missions
d. Discipleship
An annual plan will be developed to assess and evaluate the fellowship among the churches.

2. Cooperates with the officers of the association in fulfilling the constitutional requirements thereof.

3. Coordinates with various state conventions and/or other entities with regard to partnering, missions, and resources.

4. Assists the Leadership in scheduling activities in accordance with the objectives of the
Association as an ex-officio member of Ministry Teams.

5. Coordinates the training of Associational Leadership.

6. Is responsible for the following publications:
a. Annual Book of Reports.
b. A handbook containing job descriptions, constitution and by-laws, and other essential information. (Manual of Operations).
c. A monthly bulletin or newsletter and website update with church information / happenings.

7. Provide and interpret information regarding the resources and objectives of the
Southern Baptist Convention.

8. Visit each church and mission as often as his schedule will permit.

9. Promote pulpit supply and participate in specific programs, as requested by the pastors or churches
of the association as time permits and will support his home church Sunday morning worship as time permits. May serve as interim pastor for a short time period of no more than three (3) months.
10. Make quarterly reports of DOM activities to the Association.

11. Attend Alabama Baptist and National SBC meetings and conferences, as time permits.

12. Provide oversight to the following ministries of the Washington County Baptist Association:

a. The Caring Hearts Center
1) Address any maintenance issues.
2) Redistribute excess items to appropriate locations.

b. The Food Ministry
1) Attend all required training.

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