Associate Pastor of Youth & Education

Taylorville Baptist Church

Taylorville Baptist Church is a church committed to loving God and man, sharing the Gospel, and serving God by serving others. We are looking for a full time minister that will oversee the youth and discipleship ministries of the church with some other added responsibilities.

We are a church of about 600 members with an average attendance in worship of about 160. We are located in the southern part of Tuscaloosa, a city of over 100,000.
This position will report directly to the Senior Pastor. He must demonstrate a personal and growing relationship with the Lord, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.

An ordained minister with a college degree is preferred and at least 3 years of ministry experience is required. Compensation will be based on experience and education. A nice pastorium is included in the pay package.

1. Enlist and train all department directors in the youth division; assist in enlisting and training teachers.
2. Give guidance and coordination through enlistment, education, supplies, and motivation of the key leadership (Youth Team) of youth work.
3. Advise in the use of ministry materials, equipment, supplies, and space[ KC1 ] for youth groups in all church ministry organizations.
4. Maintain an active ministry of personal witnessing and ministry.
5. Promote a regular ministry of outreach for the youth division in cooperation with the church’s plan of outreach.
6. Provide appropriate activities for special projects; cooperate with the music ministry in providing music activities related to youth; plan and conducting special projects (such as camps and retreats) for youth ministry organization groups.
7. Provide appropriate activities and training for parents of youth.
8. Provide resource materials for youth and youth workers.
9. Prepare an annual budget for needs of the youth division for recommendation to the Finance Team; administer the approved budget according to policy.
10. Keep informed on the latest materials and methods related to youth work.
11. Counsel with youth and/or parents when needed.
12. Provide general oversight for all facilities used by the youth.

1. Lead the church in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive program of Christian education and discipleship; including coordination with the Sunday School Director of teacher and room assignments.
2. Serve as educational resource person and advisor to the leaders of all church programs and teams.
3. Work with the church Nominating Team to select, enlist, and train qualified leaders.
4. Coordinate the production of informational and public relation materials such as church website, publications, and news releases.
5. Lead the church to be aware of the educational and discipleship curriculum available and to choose what is most suitable for them.
6. Assist the pastor in planning, conducting, and evaluating congregational services as requested.
7. Serve on the Church Council.
8. Prepare and submit a church education budget. Plan and administer the investment and spending of the funds budgeted for the educational program.
9. Supervise appropriate church staff members.
10. Participate in associational, state, and national denominational church education programs, conferences and activities of mutual interest and benefit.
11. Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor.

1. Administer church-adopted policies and procedures concerning the use of all church properties and facilities, including funerals and weddings.
2. Inform and work with the Building and Grounds Team when necessary on maintenance and repair of church properties and facilities.
3. Assist and serve as ex-officio member of Church Leadership and Service Teams as listed; transportation, property, ushers, hospitality, nominating, insurance, parking, benevolence, stewardship, and personnel.
4. Provide leadership and supervision in coordinating daily administrative duties assigned by the Pastor.
5. The Associate Pastor of Youth/Education will oversee all the church support staff. The Senior Pastor will supervise Ministry Staff.

Please send all resumes to Resumes will be accepted until July 31, 2022.

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