Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship

Concord Baptist Church

Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship
Concord Baptist Church
Salem, Alabama

Primary Responsibility:  

To provide leadership for all music ministries of the church; to lead corporate worship gatherings; to provide appropriate discipleship and educational opportunities; to facilitate ministries that promote the spiritual growth and development of the body of Christ at Concord Baptist Church; to provide additional pastoral care; reports to and works in cooperation with the Senior Pastor.  

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Must have experienced conversion and believer’s baptism.  
  • Must be in good standing and actively involved as a member of the local church.
  • Must have experience, passion and giftedness in leading worship as well as education, discipling, and developing God’s people to grow and mature as followers of Christ.
  • 1- 2 years of church ministry experience is preferred.
  • Possess a  strong vocal ability to lead congregational worship.
  • Ability to play guitar and/or piano/keyboard and knowledge of various musical instruments. 
  • Knowledge and proficiency of church sound systems, including Planning Center.
  • Should be people-oriented and able to work effectively across a broad spectrum of age groups and personalities.  
  • Ability to identify potential leaders and volunteers by matching individual spiritual gifts and talents with ministry opportunities. 
  • Excellent computer skills, including social media and website formats.
  • Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills.


  • To connect people to God and lead the church, through effective praise and worship.  
  • Provide specialized guidance in the development and implementation of the highest quality worship ministry possible by working to coordinate instrumentalists, vocalists, and media personnel.
  • Mentoring individuals and groups to become more effective worship team members.  
  • Maintaining the music ministry by engaging future generations to participate as instrumentalists, vocalists, and worship leaders.  
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and Church leaders to develop a discipleship strategy that encourages church members to grow spiritually in the Biblical community with one another.  
  • Partner with the Senior Pastor to implement curriculum related to vision and direction.
  • Provide additional pastoral care, report directly to and work in cooperation with the Senior Pastor.

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