Associate Pastor of Music and Families

Pepperell Baptist Church

The Associate Pastor of Music and Families shall have specific duties relating to the music ministries and family ministries of the church. He shall be supervised by and responsible to the Pastor and Church Administrator or the deacons in the absence of a Pastor or Administrator.

1. A character consistent with the qualifications of an elder as described in Titus 1:5-9
2. A member of Pepperell Baptist Church who supports the total work of the church ministries, such as Sunday School, discipleship, fellowship, outreach, special events and ministry.
3. The qualified candidate will possess the musical ability to arrange pieces for the choir.
4. The qualified candidate will possess an appreciation for hymns and congregational participation.
5. Preference will be given to candidates who have acquired seminary training.
6. Preference will be given to candidate with a working knowledge of Pro-Presenter.


I. Music Ministry Responsibilities
1. Coordinating with the Pastor to plan the weekly worship services.
2. Participate in weekly corporate worship service through welcome announcements, prayer, reading Scripture, etc.
3. Prepare Pro Presenter media slides to be used during the worship service.
4. Coordinate with the Pastor to plan an annual music calendar and budget.
5. Organize appropriate rehearsals for choral presentations.
6. Organize a quarterly children’s choir that emphasizes a growing knowledge of the hymns.
7. Participate in weddings and funerals to be held in the church. Inform the Sound Technician if sound equipment is needed at such functions.
8. Maintain the church’s CCLI account.
9. Incorporate the modernization of hymns to engage a new generation musically while still retaining the theological heritage and integrity of the hymns.

I. Family Ministry Expectations:
1. Direct and coordinate the weekly family ministries (Sunday school, Nursery Worship, Children’s church, Village Kids).
2. Direct the annual Vacation Bible School ministry.
3. Develop and maintain a weekly home resource to be used for family worship that agrees with the family ministries of the church.
4. Coordinate with the Pastor to develop discipleship resources for parents (Family Discipleship Journal, Theological development, Evangelism training, etc.).
5. Coordinate with the Pastor and Deacons to serve in the visitation ministry of the church
6. Direct and lead an annual kids’ ministry training and equipping
7. Organize quarterly outreach and fellowship events for families (Trunk-or-Treat, back to school bash, etc.)
8. Coordinate with the media director to contribute to the music and media ministry.
9. Be prepared to preach in the absence of a Pastor.

II. Personnel Expectations:
1. Attend and participate in called staff meetings (typically monthly) to plan worship services, evaluate and discuss ministry, event planning, etc.

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