Nov. 12 Ireland-Godfrey ALCAP Sunday honors leaders, emphasizes political engagement

Group of people stand on steps near Alabama State House praying

This year, ALCAP Sunday has a new name —  Ireland-Godfrey ALCAP Sunday — in honor of two past leaders of the organization known as “Alabama’s moral advocate.”

Greg Davis, president and CEO of Alabama Citizens Action Program since May 2022, said the annual prayer and giving emphasis provides an opportunity to remind Alabama Baptists that their voices matter in Montgomery.

“Unfortunately, the idea of being active in the public square and particularly in politics has become unpopular with many, and as a result we have seen a slide away from biblical morality and citizenship,” Davis said.

“I don’t think you can separate morality from the Bible. You cannot separate the Bible from the church, and you cannot separate the church from the gospel. These are all related.”

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