‘New venture’: Timothy Initiative provides ‘great opportunity’ for students called to ministry

College student sits on couch talking with his ministry mentor seated in a large chair

A year ago, Thomas Hargadon knew he was feeling a call to the ministry, but he wasn’t sure at all what that was supposed to look like.

“It was very difficult to figure out what the Lord was calling me into specifically,” said Hargadon, a student at the University of Alabama.

Then he heard about Timothy Initiative, a discipleship program for Alabama college students that pairs them with a mentor serving in ministry. 

“Timothy Initiative was presented as an opportunity to not just navigate what that looks like, but also to help me grow as a follower of Christ and a leader in the church and to understand the responsibilities behind that as well,” said Hargadon, who was paired with Kyle Bryant, a Baptist campus minister at UA, as his mentor.

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This article was originally published at TheAlabamaBaptist.org.

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