Montgomery-Area Church Wants People to Feel There’s Beauty in Diversity


We shop in diverse places. We live in diverse neighborhoods. We work in diverse places.” It’s because of these circumstances that Terrence Jones, pastor of Strong Tower at Washington Park, thinks it’s actually “harder for Christians to be segregated than it is to be together.”

But on Sunday morning “we somehow find ourselves … in a place where everybody looks like us and lives like us,” Jones said. “We kind of have to cut off all of our connections in our lives” to go to a church like that.

That’s why the Montgomery-area church Jones helped plant was founded on the fact that the blood of Christ on the cross tore down the dividing walls of hostility (see Eph. 2:11–12). From the beginning, Strong Tower leadership didn’t “see ‘multicultural’ as a thing to be manufactured but saw it as an outworking of what Jesus did on the cross,” Jones said. “It takes the pressure off of trying to engineer it. We wholeheartedly believe that Christ died for a group of people to be family — from every tribe, tongue and nation.” (continued…)

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