When I met Lynlee, she was a freshman at Auburn Montgomery. Like most freshman, she was excited about being in college, but I could also tell she was a little nervous.

Lynlee had no trouble making friends and jumping right into Baptist Campus Ministries. Everything seemed to be going well until the fall semester of her sophomore year. A couple of things happened that I knew would have an impact on Lynlee.

First, her grandmother, to whom she was very close, became ill and passed away. Second, when Lynlee came to campus, she was already in a long-term relationship with a young man that was still in high school, and it was serious.

Around the same time as her grandmother passing this young man decided he did not want to be in a relationship. As I suspected, both of these events had an impact on Lynlee, and I did not know it was going to play out. She still was a part of the BCM, but I was concerned that she would drift away.

During one of our conversations about life and some of its trials I asked Lynlee if she had thought about going on summer missions. She looked at me and said, “I guess there is nothing really stopping me now.” Lynlee applied to be a summer missionary through One Missions Students and was assigned to Portugal.

I can honestly say that I have never seen summer missions have such an impact on a single student. Throughout the summer, I would hear from Lynlee and would see her post pictures from her trip.

However, I could not see what was going on inside Lynlee. When she arrived back on campus we sat down and talked about what she experienced. It was amazing to hear her speak of what God did through and in her over that summer. She said, “This trip changed everything!”

It is now the beginning of the spring semester, and Lynlee is the president of our campus ministry. She has already applied to go back to Portugal this coming summer, and she is our biggest cheerleader for summer missions.

However, what impressed me the most is how Lynlee is investing in students on the campus. She leads a girls’ small group Bible study on Tuesday nights. She is meeting one on one with a couple of young ladies who may or may not be followers of Jesus Christ. Lynlee is also training and challenging other students to do the same.

Lynlee is one example of how God is working in the lives of students on our campus. Please continue to pray for our students and for the campus of Auburn Montgomery as the BCM continues to evangelize and mobilize by God’s grace and for His glory!

Source: OneMissionStudents.org
Missions Changed Everything!

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