Message of Encouragement for Pastors – Morgan Bailey


Video Transcript:

“Fear not,” Isaiah the prophet reminds us in Isaiah 43 that even though we’re in unchartered waters, we can fear not.

I remember fishing with a buddy in Tennessee in a creek and we were having a great time but we noticed that fishermen were beginning to leave. And as they left, we noticed the water was beginning to rise and it wasn’t long before it was almost chest high. We became a little frantic trying to make it to the other side, but God was merciful, we made it and I noticed fishermen lining the bank having a good time at our expense. What happened? Well the dam let out the water upstream and it wasn’t long before it was overtaking us.

I think we would all admit that COVID-19 is unleashed the floodgates on our world, on our nation, on our communities, and on our church, and here in the state of Alabama. Just for quick words that I wanna share with you, that Isaiah shares with us to encourage us in these uncharted water times.

First of all he says, “Fear not, I have redeemed you,” in our text. Remember that he saved us. God reached down and as he redeemed Israel, he has redeemed us.

Number two, “Fear not, I have called you by name.” God speaks to us. Be sure that you spend time in your prayer closet praying to him in these difficult times. Hear the voice of God and be encouraged.

Number three, “Fear not, you are mine.” God secures us. Paul said in Romans chapter eight, that, “no one, or nothing can separate us “from the love of God.”

Finally number four, “Fear not, I will be with you.” And so God sustains us while the world depends upon the government and other agencies to help them and we should. We have so much more. Our God is with us in these uncharted waters. “Fear not, for I am with you,” even in these difficult days. Be encouraged church. Thank you.

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