Message of Encouragement for Pastors – Joel Carwile


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Hey guys! This is Pastor Joel Carwile, from First Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama. I’ve been asked to share a word of encouragement to my fellow pastors and church leaders across the state of Alabama.

Recently, our church lost a staff member. His name was David Carter. He has served faithfully here at First Baptist Church for almost 14 years. He was our Children’s and Young Families Pastor. The last several days have been very difficult.

Because of the Coronavirus, we were unable to meet together as a church family and celebrate his life and ministry. Just a few family members gathered together in our older chapel and we recognized David’s life and ministry.

I’ve really been thinking about that over the last several days, of what we as pastors are asked to do, day in and day out.

I wanna encourage you today that what you’re doing right now matters. The phone calls you’re making, the texts you are sending, the prayers you are praying, really does make a difference.

So whether we are the first chair leader, or whether we are somewhere in a staff, I pray that you would allow the Holy Spirit to continue to use you. Because we are a band of brothers and sisters. God has given us a calling upon our lives, under the cross of Jesus Christ, to make a difference.

So during this Holy Week leading up to Easter, many, if not all of us, are gonna be carrying our services online. We are reaching more people now than we ever have before in brick and mortar. So we are very grateful that God has even allowed the technology to be able to tell others about Jesus online.

So wherever you are, across our great state, stay the course, finish well, knowing that people are praying for you, people believe in you, and let us be excited about an empty tomb, once again, on this Easter 2020. God bless you. May you be encouraged this day, as we move forward together.

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