May 5 is a special day set aside to recognize churches’ “legacy” adults


Eileen Mitchell can think of one after the other in rapid fire. The church member who has brought flowers from her garden to place in the church each Sunday for the past 17 years. The person who has been tutoring for more than 20 years in the church’s after-school program. The man who’s been a greeter for more than four decades.

The legacy of the church goes on because of their service and that’s why a special day is on the calendar May 5 to honor the church’s older adults, said Mitchell, who leads the senior adult ministry for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.

“People forget the behind-the-scenes service that older adults provide,” she said. “In addition, those long-term members help us remember our past.” (continued…)

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May 5 is special day set aside to recognize churches’ ‘legacy’ adults

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