Day 5 Lottie

A New Beginning

Day 5 Lottie 5

For months, Paul and Robin Tinley have been watching people spill out of Venezuela and into Colombia. It’s about 5,000 a day—more than 3 million total—who have left their homes in hopes of escaping hunger, crime, unemployment, and lack of medical care. “Not only is the flow of refugees not diminishing, it’s actually bumping up,” Robin said. But she and Paul, who serve as IMB missionaries in Colombia, are working around the clock to meet as many of the vast physical needs as they can. They’re also trying to seize the unprecedented spiritual opportunity.

“Venezuelans are more open now than they have ever been in their history, but they are open to anything—good or bad,” Robin said. “This is a historic moment where Colombian believers urgently need to share the gospel.” Though the Tinleys are stretched thin, they serve tirelessly alongside Colombian churches to offer food, child care, trauma counseling, and Bible study. They’re also working to help Venezuelans start microbusinesses to support their families. “We’re trying to offer them very practical help and also a source of comfort,” Robin said.

Day 5 Lottie 6

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY for Paul and Robin to have energy to keep serving Venezuelan immigrants.
  2. PRAY for Colombian believers to share the gospel with urgency.

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