Longtime Men’s Ministry and Disaster Relief Director Puckett Dies


Tommy Puckett, longtime Alabama Baptist men’s ministry and disaster relief director, died Feb. 23. He was 74.

Before he retired in 2009, Puckett had served as director of the office of men’s ministry for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) for nearly 20 years. That office provided training to help associational and church leadership provide missions programs for men and boys.

As part of his role, Puckett also directed state Baptists’ disaster relief work, training volunteers and coordinating teams with efforts across the Southern Baptist Convention. (continued…)

Read the full obituary in The Alabama Baptist Newspaper – http://www.thealabamabaptist.org/longtime-mens-ministry-and-disaster-relief-director-puckett-dies/

Source: SBDR.org
Longtime Men’s Ministry and Disaster Relief Director Puckett Dies

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