What does it look like for a student to “live sent?” After all, we’re asking students right now to sign up for a summer discipleship and missions emphasis with that title. So I’ve been mulling over what that actually means.

To live sent means that a student is focused on the words of Jesus in John 20:21 (NIV): “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” For too long we have equated being sent with crossing borders and packing suitcases. Rarely do we see someone as “sent” who looks out the window or opens the door to see the place to which she or he is sent.

This summer, we are excited about an opportunity to challenge students to live sent wherever they are.

Through the Live Sent Project, students can join in weekly Zoom sessions to walk through the Book of Acts with lessons taught by Chuck Lawless and campus ministry leaders from across Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Each week, students will be challenged to live sent today by completing challenges to engage and share with the community around them.

There are two opportunities for students to be a part of missions services experiences in Nashville (with a focus on refugee ministry) or in Montgomery (with a focus on racial reconciliation). You can learn more and register at www.onemissionstudents.org/livesent.

I’ve been a campus minister for a long time. I remember when we characterized our purpose as “reaching students, developing believers, strengthening missions and practicing ministries.”

This emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, missions and ministries points to the broad definition of growing believers in what it means to follow Jesus.

We focus on helping students begin where they are to follow Jesus. After all, you can’t start anywhere else. There is no better goal than to encourage students to live sent.

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