I recently had the opportunity to attend a practice round of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga. As I watched the golfers go through their practice swings and putts, I couldn’t help but notice all of the other people surrounding them in support.

Not only did each golfer have a caddy that walks with them, but there were putting coaches, swing coaches, sponsors, event organizers, and even the tournament workers, landscapers and more. From the moment the golfers wake up, someone else meets their every need so that their only worry is doing their best at playing golf.

What struck me as I watched was that I was there to see the golfers, but without the work of all the other supporting cast none of it would take place.

It’s the same every week throughout our state. People come to church services and there is a team of people of who do all the behind-the-scenes work. They open the door to greet guests, run the sound, teach Sunday School every week, and they’re there every time the doors are open. They are there to meet the needs of people in attendance so that the Gospel message can be presented clearly and taught so that others can share it too.

It’s so easy to take them for granted but all of us need to be careful to thank them when we get the opportunity! 

Brian Harris
State Missionary – Web and Social Media Strategist

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