The Office of Leadership and Church Health endeavors to assist Alabama Baptist churches and associations to be on the leading edge of training and development of current and future leaders in order to fulfill the Great Commission and grow healthier churches.
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Debbie Dickey
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Another Aspect of Good Stewardship

When we say the word “stewardship,” our minds immediately go to giving or the tithe. In the congregation, they immediately think “Oh, no, another ‘giving sermon!’” Actually there are not enough sermons on good stewardship. [...]

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SBC Church Compensation Survey

Help create an accurate, reliable database that will be used by thousands of churches to help determine fair compensation for their church staff. In case your on the edge, here are three reasons why you [...]

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Following basic tips could lessen risks

Well-trained and well-maintained” is a good motto for churches when it comes to vehicle safety, said Chip Smith, an associate in the office of LeaderCare and church administration at the Alabama Baptist State Board of [...]

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Employ, manage church personnel the right way

The work of the personnel team is among the most important tasks in any church, and accordingly, members of the group must be chosen carefully, according to Chip Smith, associate in the office of LeaderCare [...]

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Church Revitalization Book Review: Smooth Sailing, How to Avoid Storms in Your Ministry

Jerry Wilkins is one of us, having served as the associational missionary for the Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association for 28 years. During that time, Jerry developed a reputation for excellence in leadership and ministry, one who defined [...]

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My Pledge to You!

I believe in a decision of rededication of one’s life to Christ. I have preached that conviction throughout my pastoral ministry. Several times in public worship services, I have publicly rededicated my life to Christ. [...]

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