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Hi, friends. I’m Jodie Lamon with Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries, and this is the week that I should be getting ready for your arrival. And unfortunately, because COVID-19, you can’t come to help serve with us here in Gatlinburg.

We are so sad that our normal summer activities aren’t going to be happening, but we know that there’s still things that God’s going to do. Wherever you are, and me here in Gatlinburg, we can serve God.

We are called to be his messengers of the gospel. And so what I’ve learned through all this, is that one, to enjoy God’s nature. Do you hear the tree frogs in the back?

And two, most importantly, people matter to God. And whoever I come in contact with, matters to God. And so those are the people that I’m called to minister to.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, listen to the nudging of God as he tells you who to interact with, who to be praying for, who to call, who to text message, or who just to love.

So I pray that in all this, you’ll be bold in wherever you minister for the Gospel of Jesus. Thanks be to God. Have a great day, and I hope to see you next summer here in Gatlinburg.

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