Every year at the end of the summer, we ask students to make a commitment with their whole life to be obedient to the great commission. Several years ago, there was a young lady that made a commitment, she came forward and she was crying.

So I asked her what God was saying to her and she said that she knew that God had called her into missions but she also knew that God had called her to be a teacher. So I asked her, I said, “I want you to do one thing.” I said, “I have this pair of glasses that we call “the world Christian glasses. “I want you to put them on “and I want you to ask yourself a question. “At least one question right now. “Where would it be most strategic to be a world Christian teacher?”

That’s what I want you to do. I know that you may be disappointed this summer that you can’t go while a world Christian is a goer but a world Christian is also a prayer. A prayer. A world Christian is also someone who sins. A world Christian is also a welcomer, looking around to see who God has brought to our doorstep, and a world Christian is a mobilizer.

You can’t go this summer but I want you to put on those world Christian glasses and ask yourself, how can you be praying for unreached people groups? How can you be mobilizing? How can you be sending? Put those glasses on this summer and watch God use you right where you are.

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