Hello, Alabama Baptist and belated happy new year. I know you’ve galloped into the new year, but as we well know, turning the page in the 2021 did not relieve us of the challenges of 2020 related to COVID.

As you can tell, I have not been vaccinated. I’m wearing a mask. I’m trying to do everything I can to help the calls of keeping my life more safe and healthy and that of the others with whom I interact.

I would like for you to be reminded to pray for those who are across our state infected and afflicted by the COVID virus. Numerous people, every day, I contact them.

There are those with mild to moderate symptoms and they seem to fare pretty well, and then we have those who have major symptoms who suffer, and even after weeks and months continue to have suffering aspects related to the COVID virus.

Let’s pray for them, and remember that we’re all in this together, and hopefully soon, we’ll be able to see something of a brighter day when the COVID virus is under control and we can finally get rid of these masks.

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