Is my life compelling evidence that there is a living God of the Bible? The incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s undeniable evidence to man that he is a live and well. But, the question remains, “Is my life compelling evidence that God is alive and that He loves me and a lost world?” Is your life compelling evidence that He is alive? When people meet you and when they get to know you, do they stand in awe of a living, loving God living through you?

You are not God and neither am I. But we are called to live our life in such a way that the world around us sees God, hears God, and is drawn into a personal relationship with Him. And yet, in the flesh this is impossible. If God’s Holy Spirit is not free to rule and to reign in every area, every corner, every closet of your life, you cannot fully serve God as He created you to.

I have a pastor friend who many of you may know. My friend was on a trip to Nashville, TN recently to help his daughter move. While moving furniture into her apartment on December 7th he collapsed. His wife and daughter began doing CPR until paramedics arrived. My friend was suffering from v-fib. Not only his heart, but medical personnel were also deeply concerned with brain damage and other organ failure which often accompanies v-fib. An induced coma was administered on day one and several severe procedures to keep him alive.

Within a few short days he was awake, speaking with and asking to pray with hospital staff and others. His healing progression was advancing so quickly he became known as the miracle man throughout the hospital. People were coming to he and his family asking to be prayed for and praying for him as well.

He and his family shared and prayed with many people in the hospital. My pastor friend preached a Christmas Eve message to his church from the hospital – 17 days after his collapse. No brain damage and 100% cognitive skills were retained. This my friends is truly a miracle of God. He was released from the hospital on December 26. There is much more to this incredible story of God’s miracle in this pastor’s life and His concern for the eternity of others.

Just days after his collapse, still not knowing what was ahead in his recovery, this man was showing compassion and concern for others. My friend, Barry and his wife Marci who I’ve known for a couple decades are truly living life with a compelling evidence that the God of the Bible is alive and cares for all people. Not only with this incident, their lives have been living evidence for years and it shows. The question remains for you and me, Is my life compelling evidence that there is a living God of the Bible?

While this should have been a 4-6 month journey, on January 10, 34 days after his collapse my friend and his wife stood before their congregation and shared their story. I entreat you to watch their testimony at the following link. hbc 10:30AM Contemporary Service – 01/10/21 – YouTube I cannot give justice to this working of God in 500 words. There is much more of God in this story than I could possibly write in this post. Please watch, you’ll be beyond encouraged and inspired!

May their story stimulate you to live a life of compelling evidence for our Living God!

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