The leadership of the State Board of Missions is carefully monitoring the status of the federal government potentially using the Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery as a temporary housing site for illegal immigrants coming into the United States through our southern border. As of this posting, such a decision to use the Maxwell facility has not been made.

We are in dialog with ministry partners across the river region in an effort to develop a response strategy that is consistent with the teachings of scripture. The State Board of Missions is a mission organization committed to helping Alabama Baptist churches and associations carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ from Alabama to the ends of the earth. We are not a political organization but are ministry-driven. We will look for ways to minister to those placed in our state should the federal government decide to make such a decision.

We will update this post should additional action be needed. In the meantime, please pray. This is a complex issue that impacts American citizens and illegal immigrants. Also pray that we will always be quick to offer a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

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