Hunger Offering

Hunger Offering 3

Nourishment for the Body and Soul

God’s Word is clear that we are to minister to the poor and needy as part of our Christian lifestyle. Caring for those in need is an opportunity and a privilege as well as an obligation. We must not view it in any other way.

Hunger continues to be one of the greatest problems facing our world today. There are many causes. Natural disasters and human-made catastrophes have a devastating effect on food production. Poverty is increasing once again. Won’t you prayerfully consider how God would have you participate in this important ministry to feed the hungry?

The primary focus of the Hunger Offering is to feed hungry people. This is accomplished by assistance by Southern Baptists throughout the world in their attempt to end malnutrition. Missionaries use human needs projects to help people obtain food and practice good health habits.

How is My Dollar Spent?

When a dollar is contributed to the Hunger Offering, the first 25% will be used to feed the hungry in Alabama by assisting associations and designated churches with food pantries. The remaining 75% will be distrubuted through the Global Hunger Fund.

The Global Hunger Fund is divided with 80% to the International Mission Board for overseas hunger projects while 20% is sent to the North American Mission Board to support hunger projects in the United States and Canada. Because personnel and volunteers are already in place, and promotional expenses come through other budgets, 100% of your gift is used to minister to the hungry in Jesus’ name. A dollar in…a dollar out to help hungry people … no other relief organization can make this promise!

How to Give

  1. Give Through Your Alabama Baptist Church
    Designate your gift for “Hunger Offering”
  2. Give Through the State Board of Missions
    Send your check to:
    Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions
    Attn: Accounting Office
    P.O. Box 681970
    Prattville, AL 36068-1970
    Designate your check for “Hunger Offering”

Resources by Mail

To order free Hunger Offering and other promotional resources, contact Lynn Graham,, 334.613.2315.

Downloadable Resources

Video Resources