Humility: A Lesson from a Young Virgin


It matters not if we are cooking a special meal, decorating a new house, sculpting a hedge, or completing an assignment at work or church, wouldn’t you agree that it is a human trait to want people to take notice. If we never say a word out loud, we like to think that we deserve compliments and comments on our talented accomplishments. Let’s face it we want praise.

Yet the Bible teaches that praise belongs to the Lord and we should humble ourselves in all things. Desiring to receive credit is the opposite of humility. At work, church, home, the clubs we join, the committees on which we serve, when we seek gratification for what we do, should we not ask ourselves about our motives behind what we do?

Our human nature tells us to seek gratification from others. Yet, we must be careful lest we cross the line of glory-seeker.

A physician and God admiring author, Luke, wrote in his gospel account of a virgin girl named Mary. This teenage girl, engaged to be married, was visited by an Angel of God and given the news that she would be the one to give birth to the long-awaited Messiah. When Mary received the news that she would give birth to and mother the Christ child, her response was almost the opposite of our current day mindset. Hers was that of undeniable humility.

She could not believe that Almighty God would choose to use her in such a role. With a very low view of her own ability (humility), Mary accepted God’s call on her life, knowing He would have to carry her through this enormous assignment. She never boasted, never bragged, never wanted the attention of being “The One”. She stayed focused on loving and raising God’s Son. Her role was not in the spotlight, but to be the very best Mother possible, never casting a light on her or her special role in history.

In the home, workplace, church, or other venues, we should approach every task before us with the humility of Mary. Your assignment is not about you, your glory or giftedness. Your readiness to give your best without reserve, without self-centeredness is your first step to serving in humility. What will you begin to work on this week to become a more humble servant/leader as was Mary from her teen years until the death of her Son on a cross?

How will God use you this Christmas and holiday season to help others and bring focus to God Himself?

Merry Christmas!

George Yates is the Church Health Strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, assisting churches and individuals in pursuing God’s purpose for life. Learn more at

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