In these days of unprecedented and uncertain times, we should remember that “we walk by faith, not by sight.” For me personally, that means we live in the land of hope. We claim “Jesus Christ as our hope” (2 Timothy 1:1).

To demonstrate that sense of hope, your State Board of Missions is planning an online Call to Prayer this Wednesday, March 25, at 10 a.m. via Zoom. To participate, please visit https://alsbom.org/event/online-call-to-prayer/ for instructions.

We will focus upon the word HOPE as our guide in this brief time of praying together. I will give an introductory word and lead an opening prayer.

Other Alabama Baptist leaders will also be leading assigned times of prayer. We will pray for various concerns, both broad and specific.

H represents our need to pray for the health of all people, including those who are ill or will become ill during this crisis. We also need to pray for those who will serve as caregivers.

O reminds us to pray for ministry opportunities during this time of disruption. Some who are elderly will need help with grocery shopping and other needs. Those who are or will become unemployed need tangible support as well. Other opportunities for ministry will rise to the forefront in the days to come.

P is a call for us to pray for people who are in leadership, such as those who are in government at all levels and those in the medical services who will be taxed to the limit. People in leadership in our military need to be lifted up in prayer. Missionaries around the world are always in need of our prayers and especially now. Don’t forget to remember church leaders and other leaders in Baptist life as well as leaders in other Christian communities.

E represents the need for us to pray for encouragement in the midst of uncharted waters. We further need to pray that we will have a ministry of encouragement to others. Already we hear of people who are discouraged. Now more than ever, we need to follow the example of Barnabas and be ministers of encouragement to all around us and even beyond our spheres of influence.

Tim Cox, our state convention president, will close our time of prayer together. He will help us focus on the hope in Jesus Christ.

If this proves to be an effective means of connecting in prayer, we are open to doing this again soon. We will look to feedback related to this online way of connecting through prayer during this unusual and unique time in our world.


Rick Lance

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