Giving Bread for Life and the Bread of Life


It has been my experience that my generation – Baby Boomers – has been very good at sharing the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, we have not always been so good about serving the needs of people. Perhaps this can be traced back to the days of the social gospel debate. For whatever reason, we have been better at declaring than demonstrating the Gospel. The generation following us has been very good at demonstrating the Gospel, but not so clear in declaring it.

I am very encouraged that there is a generation emerging now that gets it and is equally committed to declaring and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I recently had an occasion to participate in just that sort of ministry, the feeding ministry of the Carrville Baptist Church. This church is located in East Tallassee in the Tuskegee Lee Association. I am currently honored to serve as their interim pastor. A few weeks ago, I was privileged to witness the feeding of 81 families on the third Saturday in March. This is quite a smooth operation due to the hard work of 50-60 volunteers each month. They meet with each family not only to qualify them, but also to encourage and pray with them. During this session they explore other ways we may serve that family and the Gospel is presented to each person. Then the family is invited to go shopping to pick up their allotted weight of food. After that, a hot meal is provided. They served some very delicious gumbo the day I was there. Each family departs knowing they are loved and cared for by the Carrville family.

I had the privilege to meet with several of these families. I was especially excited about getting to know Freddie. He gave his heart to Jesus during our time together. Let’s keep declaring and demonstrating the Gospel!

Lamar Duke
Lead Church Planting Strategist

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